Khaula Jamil

I had a great time giving the talk- the kids were fantastic and full of energy. I love how you guys keep the momentum up and so energized all the time with this event. All I can really say is that keep it up and you guys are doing a wonderful job.

Aniqa Masroor

It was a pleasure to be a part of JLC addressing the young minds. I could witness the enthusiasm of the kids and the presenters. I am sure all kids must have learnt many values and life skills from the event and will cherish throughout their lives. More importantly it was heartening to see kids from all different sociol-economic background and contributing actively with confidence. I hope you will continue this in the future with more enthusiasm.  May Allah be our guide always.

Haris Sheikh

On behalf of FRIP and our instructors and volunteers, I would like to congratulate you on organizing the Junior Leaders Conference 2015 successfully and I would like to thank you for inviting and trusting FRIP to hold a session at your conference. It has been a great teaching and learning experience for our instructors. I hope we can work together in future too and uphold FRIP’s aim to learn, spread and save lives.

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